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Here are some of the comments Lydia has received from her clients

Due to clients' privacy, no names will be mentioned below

However, the originals ofwhich athese testimonials are available for scrutiny on request

Lydia is incredible!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first came to her, but the session has helped me go back to the roots of my problem and give myself comfort & love that I needed at the time.

I was so surprised to feel the weight of these problems lifted and liberate me from my issues.

She is very intuitive & gives excellent precise guidance. I feel genuine trust & comfort with her.

Can't imagine how great her karma must be helping so many people ...

Deepest gratitude to you , dear Lydia!

Being in your presence feels like being carried and nurtured. Your gentle approach to the healing work is an expression of how you must be living your destiny.

It is always precious to encounter being like you on the path of self-discovery.

Thank you for your precious time and your gentleness.

Thank you Lydia for supporting me and guiding me through some issues that have not been mine to own. To understand them and their lesson so I may be my own true self. Confident and excited about the future.

Many blessings

Thank you Lydia for a surprising, interesting morning!

I was very apprehensive but it was so easy. Trust the first thing that comes into your head, simple!

Refreshed, lighter and happier!

I came to you with many questions. Questions that I have been working on for years. After my first session I thought I felt something shift. After a few more I felt my world shift.

You are a gift. You will always be in my life

I was nervous about coming to get my first ever hypnotherapy but you put me at ease and before I knew it I was 'under the spell'!

It was great enlightenment and wonderful to see the change.

That was awesome!! I never believed it could be so easy and simple. You are a true healer.

Thank you so much for balancing me and illuminating the way. With looking at the various parts of myself I don't feel sad or embarrassed. I now know that to move forward I need to trust myself more. Life is never black and white... Terima kasih banyak for showing me the colours!

Thank you ibu Lydia

Setelah 2x sesi therapy perasaan bingung, gundah dan depresi saya hilang

Semua perasaan cemas berubah menjadi semangat.

Masalah insomnia saya juga sudah teratasi

Sangat sangat berterima kasih atas segala bantuannya

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

For helping me to find the peace, the balance, the happiness, the greatfulness of life.

Will always remember this adventure.

Terima kasi

Thank you for the eye opener! Even the pen pops out of the cap! hehehe.... I am happy now, Thank you!

Thank you so much for everything

It helps me a lot. Thank you for making me a better person. Stay Gold. Keep shining. Help as much people as you can.

Thank you for being such an angel.

I am very blessed to meet you

Thank you so much for making me stronger and not so worried about my son also. God bless you.

To my new Favorite Friend in Bali.

Thank you so much for the gift you have given me.

I can now go and live my life how I want to live

All the best

I feel completely different, like a new person. I never thought that I could change myself like I have.

Thank you. I am looking forward to the rest of my new life.

Thank you very very verymuch for your help.

Without you I will still be scared and confused in my life.

With your help I feel free, I feel love and happy.

God bless you!

I am so grateful that you got me to get rid of my anger to my mother so I have a warm open heart to her, full of loving feelings. That is a miracle and the greatest gift anyone could give. We covered a huge ground today and I look forward to writing about the upcoming miracles in the book again!

Thanks for your love to help me for so little.

Thank you so much ibu Lydia for helping me to understand myself so I can make it balance and finding the best of it.

This is what actually people need...

Wow! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I would never have thought that in just 2 sessions we could achieve so much! it's just amazing!!

My only regret is that it has taken me so long to find you!!!

Thank You Lydia

You are wonderful

What an amazing session we had, I woke up feeling brand new, ready for the world! whatever you did I can feel the difference already. You are Amazing!

Thank you so much Lydia for showing the so simple things of understanding to me. Sometimes you are unable to "see the forest" because there are so many trees in the way.

Thank You!

I came here to see you 3 times. I noticed a change in myself right after the first session. I am so thankful for the job you did. Those sessions helped me a lot to balance myself.

I finally got answers, I now understand my relatives behaviours. I learned a lot about life and about myself.

My blood sugar level is much better now, I know I will soon overcome the small inconvinient I have in my life, which is my diabetes.

Thank You! :-)

Your treatment has been amazing for my personal development to become the man I want to be. Your support has been great too. I will remember our time forever due to the fact it has been a life changing experience. My childhood trauma has been apart of my life which I truly thought I had dealt with however it was only being repressed. Now I am aware of all this. I am able to now go through life positively to better myself and respect others along the way. There is nothing more important for me at this point in time for this to be how I conduct myself in a positive way. Even through the hard times I will surrender and let the Spirit show me the way rather than my "stupid brain" hehe :-)

I can't thank you more, but I promise to you that when I become rich I will pay for a holiday wherever you would like to go.

But we'll see when that happens.... hopefully soon yeah!!!...

Thank You!

Thank you so much for helping me achieve the balance I need in my life. I will definitely recommend to others in the future. Thank you very much.

I knew you were the person I had to see to take me to the next stage of awareness. I also knew before I met you that you have such a gift and today after only one session I was so thrilled that you were all and more of what I had in my heart. All this may not make too much sense but in my search in life I needed to see you. You have helped me immensely and I thank you so much.

I love your energy and your passion in doing what you love best in facilitating my growth.

Wholeness of Spirit....I am grateful you open the portals of understanding in my search of "who" I am and "why" I came here in this lifetime. To make me aware of patterns I had to recreate in order to connect "myself" with the Love & Light.

Another step of my journey here with you, I embrace ....

now I must continue into the guidances of awareness of all the paths that are one!!

Thank you!

Thank you for taking me on a very special journey. It is thru your insight that I can embrace the "new me" and live again in a world that is harmonious and balanced

It has been a real pleasure. Thank you

Thank you so much. You are amazing at what you do. You have helped me abolish fears and move confidently into the future.

I am so grateful to have met you. It was an amazing experience and I can say that I am looking forward to the future and all the great things that it will bring.

You are a very important worker in the world today. Keep it up, and all the blessings in the universe to you.

Thanks to you so much, I experienced the most bright with you Lydia.

It is also a real spiritual awakening for me. I never got in touch with my spirit that obviously might be a revelation for me.

Thank you for taking me to a journey to understand myself.

An amazing experience to learn that we are so capable to accept and lead our life towards self happiness.

Every elements - the yin and yang - the good & bad are all part of the journey - I am grateful for your help to assist me finding the balance

Again, Thank You

My dear Lydia, my journeys with you have been most amazing, I am grateful and feel so lucky I've met you.

You will always be in my heart.

Thank you for everything

I have never been feeling like this before, good to know and found out the problem of my mother, me and my neighbourhood in my place.

I am feeling better now. I will do the best for my life - I couldn't say and give anything to you. Only THANK YOU VERY MUCH! hope all the best for you and your families.

God bless you

I came here feeling lost, sad & confused. I'm leaving here feeling like me again. I feel Cayla in my heart, guiding me along my path.

Thank you for facilitating this. You are a truly gifted healer & I am honoured to have been guided to you!

Finally I met someone who guided me to the right direction. Thank you for your lead ibu Lydia

My friend Detlev said, when you visit Bali, you can come with all your problems and everything that hurts you - and when you leave Bali, everything will be gone and you feel better and free - just because of the "balance spirit" of Bali. That's why, he said, you have to go to Lydia. She makes you free and feel like the Bali way. And so it was. I fee rich of experiences and I feel "balanced" - with your help.

Thank you very much for helping me, looking so great into myself

I am thankfull for finally meeting you and I feel you have helped me very much. What can I say but Thank you!

I am grateful to the universe for bringing us together. Thank you for sharing. You are a talented woman who has rewired my brain to another level. Thank you for your warmth, compassion and stories! Love and Light forever

Thank you Lydia, it's been a pleasure meeting you. This is exactly what I needed. Help to balance. So simple so effective and can change my life for the better. I will see you again as there is always work to be done. Thanks again

Meeting you has been quite an experience. I can see things in the past and future.

I feel different now and believe it will make me a more balanced and happier person. Thank You!!

I am happy now, I have been changed and I have a new light. The light has come on and the dark has left.

Thanks for Mrs. Lydia. You are a good teacher

It has been an amazing journey, full of laughter and tears and a lot of understanding. Thank You so much!

Thank you for helping me to understand and trust myself too. I I am going from here with peace and love.

I really feel happy to have met you. The session gave me my happy feelings inside back again!

Hard to know what to say but the world is definitely a weird & wonderful place & I thank it for bringing you & your therapy into my life. I am grateful for the trials that brought me here & I am anxious to enjoy the positives that they'll yield. I look forward to our future meeting & seeing what else I can release & the new future I can create. God bless & please continue to do the extraordinary work that you're doing.

All the best

From my first session I feel so much lighter like I just empty my heavy bag full of sadness

Wow!! What an experience. I now move forward stronger and look forward to the year ahead. Thank You for an amazing experience.

It was very nice to be with you today. I love Bali and think that only this place and you can make me feel so good. Thanks and hope I can see you again.

It is a very touching experience to be in contact with "myself". I was 'waking up' with the brightest smile. Thank You!

My true gratitude to you for being you. I will be and am a complete and happier person through you! Thank You

Thank you Lydia for helping me to find the way to Balance.

This was an incredible journey!

I came here for my first session just one week ago.

Today is my second session...AND I'm feeling so good now.

2 weeks ago I felt so depressed, no self confidence; joy and excitement in my life... You gave it back to me!

Can't thank you enough.

I'm so happy that I got to know you and got you to help me back to "the road", back to the joy of this beautiful life.

Thanks so much Lydia

It was a wonderful session. I feel firmer and calmer.

Thank you

Thank you Lydia for helping the 61 year old to resolve

some important inner conflicts.

I feel so fortunate to have met you and been "touched"

by your wisdom.

You are an important part of Bali for me.

Thanx for the amazing experience! Can't believe I feel so light & empty from all my bad feeling...

I think I'm learning the lesson....LET IT GO!!!

Setelah saya di hipnotherapi perasaan saya sudah mulai membaik. Saya sudah mulai bisa melihat gambaran yang ada pada diri saya. Saya betul betul merasakan perubahan yang luar biasa menakjubkan, karena semula saya tidak pernah menyangka akan merasakan perubahan ini.

Saya sungguh berterima kasih kepada ibu Lydia yang telah mengembalikan diri saya dan membebaskan saya dari

phobia yang saya alami.

Kini saya bisa membuka lembaran baru dalam hidup saya.

Terima kasih banyak saya ucapkan.

So gentle and effective. Thank you.

Fantastic - I am so happy to have overcome what I have in these sessions. Lydia you are fantastic, patient + have assisted me immensely.

Most appreciated

Interesting, inciteful, meaningful are the 3 things which come to mind, to get the most out of this and anything else in life it's all about being honest & open & balance & control.

Many thanks

You as soon as we met, you told me to say what first come into my mind, and I now can tell you that I never had an amazing experience as the one I had with you.

You are special, a different soul that shared his light with me. Thanks Lydia...

You are such an amazing & inspiring woman.

I am so very lucky to have met you and thank you so much for your support, the safety you provided to help me through my difficulties. I am indepted.

I hope to learn & be inspired by you some more.

Terima kasih atas bimbingannya kepada saya dalam

usaha berhenti merokok. Saya merasakan manfaatnya. Semoga Bu Lydia bertambah success

Thank you so much for your kind and gentle support during our time together. you have given me great insight into myself and my future. Thank you for creating a safe space for realisation and inspiration

I feel grateful beyond compare to have released these deeply rooted memories and emotions. I truly feel we have uncovered the root(s!) of my headpain. I will keep you posted! You are a lovely master

Thank you for the lessons of constant giving, caring, sharing, guidance and healing. You are truly an inspiration for me. I see you, how you feel compelled to teach, to heal, to share, to help. I pray you will come to live in the constant embrace of the love and light you give to others, to embrace your own self with the immense beauty you own, you contain. To live in eternal awareness of your own value and the treasure that you are - as you have worked to make me and many others learn of, and live in, an eternal awareness of our own value and beauty. I love you!

Thank you for your insight and taking the time to work with me on my "abundance" which now is in full flow. I am certain that the session we had was a turning point and catalyst which propelled me forwards. Thank you :-)

26 tahun di dunia ini, 2 sesi bersama ibu Lydia make me realize something in my life... Selama ini

saya tidak menyangka hal itu yg mempengaruhi diri saya. Bisa dibayangkan bu, pasti banyak orang2 Indonesia yang perasaannya ditekan seperti saya. Kita ini terlalu dibentuk oleh masyarakat.

Sekarang saya yakin masa depan itu ada didepan saya dan saya tidak perlu takut lagi.

Terima kasih banyak ibu

It's been an incredible experience going through a life time and more with you! I feel so much stronger & more positive about my future. Thank you so very much.

You have been inspirational

I feel very inspired now. ready to take on the world. Looking forward to the future. Looking forward to a healthy slimmer future

I had a very painful sciatic. I needed to find the emotional cause of the disturbance. Lydia helped me find the root cause and release this problem. After a short session we discovered the cause. Now I feel better.

Thank you Lydia

An amazing revelation of innerself that brings you to an experience of facing problems infront of you and overcome fears. Making me a new person with more compassion

and love.

Thank you ibu Lydia for the guide and the compassion and the love that make me a better person and better understanding of life and love. My fears are gone... Amazing!!

I love you ibu Lydia and I wish you all the best and happiness.. U deserve the best...

Thank you so much for the wonderful healing experience.

I learned so much + cleared lifetimes of missunderstandings in just one session + I am so very grateful!

A million thankyous!


I am astounded by the process -

I would never have guessed in a million year that in one session a root cause so deep & profound could be conceptualized & released.

I highly recommend this form of therapy for anyone who is feeling something that they can't quite pinpoint or articulate.

The subconscious knows everything & profound life-changing result can occur in just one session.

Truly amazing!

I fail to find words to thank Lydia. As a person I could feel so much of warmth in her, during the sessions she was so patient with me.

She is a very compassionate person.

Regarding her therapy she excels in it, she has healed so many in distress.

In my case depression.

I was so bad, at times I just failed to reason out why this was happening to me.

Anti depressants just didn't seem to help.

Just 2 sessions with Lydia have changed me.

I am in total control of myself.

I no more feel lost rather I'm clear and confident and ready to face everything with a positive mind.

I feel confident and relaxed.

I feel that I can do whatever I want to do now.

I am also able to respect and accept the way I am.

I feel great!

Thank you very much for helping me.

I won't forget this for the rest of my life.

I feel happy and relieved.

I think that I'm blessed to have the chance to try this out. Hope that more people would be more open to this kind of therapy.

I think the world would be happier if people learned more about their subconscious mind.

Thanks a lot.

I feel my relationship with my husband was actually improved, and I think I myself became more loving and

caring towards him.

It was very interesting and rewarding experience overall.

I was sceptical of myself being easily hypnotized, but what happened in the therapy was quite amazing.

After I went home, I talked to my husband what happened

in the therapy he also became interested in what I

saw in the therapy.

He is still skeptical about hypnotherapy,

but I think it was very good for us to have had

an opportunity to find out what kind of feelings we had about each other by talking about the therapy.

After the therapy both of us feel we became closer than before!

I feel light, relieved, more positive thinking and attitudes.

Very successful session, highly recommended.

Lydia is full of passion and love for her job.

This passion is transmitted to you somehow and the feeling is great.

She truly cares about her clients.

You are not a number but an individual she truly tries to help out. And again her attitude towards people and generally life is contageous.

She is special and does her job with extreme professionalism.

My self esteem rose considerably, no longer jealous even though I did not believe I could be cured as it had ruled my life on a daily basis for over 10 years.
I am completely cured.

I feel considerably happier in myself and now understand what it is like to trust someone.

I was sceptical at first and during but had tried everything else.

Lydia made me feel comfortable and if in Lydia's words you play along, it does work!.

I feel relieved, light and peaceful.

I am more conscious of the source of my internal and permanent tensions which took a lot of my energy.

I wanted to try this therapy because Lydia inspired me lots of trust, understanding and love.

It has been such an enriching and exciting experience.

I have been feeling great emotionally since our session and moving forward, all the nightmares I have had since I was 20 has not come back since.

Thank you Lydia.

It is a soothing experience, seems like I've transferred through time, discovered what has been bothering me.

Most importantly I let go of my anger!

So I can go forward with my life.

I approached Lydia for help when I had gained over 29 lbs

in weight.

I felt awful and my self confidence had plummeted.

I was also very sceptical regarding hypnotherapy and did

not like the idea of 'losing control" over my thought process or of being put to sleep.

I spent 2 hours with Lydia and found the experience deeply relaxing and cleansing.

I learnt why I was eating the foods that I was and how to deal with the problem that I had.

Immediately I felt better about myself and did not feel the need to eat all the time.

The weight dropped off me and I am now 30 lbs lighter. Both of my children were also helped by Lydia when they experienced problems at school.

I now have a two well balanced boys.

I feel great, relaxed, focused and filled with renewed sensation.

I'm more confident of myself and in anything I do.

I find out there is this new task to be done.

Thank you so much for your help, your skills and your sweet heart!

I won't hesitate to come back to your sessions for any upcoming occasions.

Merci  Beaucoup!!

It makes sense.

It explains many questions that my logical mind could not reply to.

I feel a different energy with regards to my relationship with eczema and money.

With eczema: I understand when my skin breaks out, I am not loving myself enough and I know that I should take measures to love myself more.

With money: It has become a number game for me, not such a stressful situation anymore.

I feel more relaxed, confident, feeling well and with many questions answered.

I enjoyed the session very much and felt it made a big difference to me.

So much so I have recommended you to many of my friends.

Many thanks Lydia!

I feel content and released from pressure.

I found some improvements on communication with others by having the courage to express my feelings directly, though may not always get the desired results from others.

Good for personal growth and becoming more optimistic in attitude towards life.

Thank you so much Lydia!

I am amazed!

I feel more calm with knowledge of certain repressed thoughts.

This is certainly an eye opening experience.

I did not think that hypnosis would be effective but now have changed my mind.

Thank you!

Thanks for the time you spent with me.

It really did help.

Sometimes all that is needed to get back on track, is the kindness of others and the talking.

Talking isn't one of the things I do best. I supposed it is an issue of trust.

Your caring words made a difference.

I hope one day I can be the one to help stranger in their hour of need, to give them support and comfort as you did for me.

Just wanted to say "thank you" once more.

After the session I was walking around with a huge smile

on my face,

I felt like somebody had stuck a needle in me and sucked

out all the anger and hate that was festering inside of me

I did not know what would happen during my session with Lydia but wanted so much to resolve my fears (claustrophobia in small aircraft)

Lydia helped me to confront childhood experiences where I had not been in control (eg. being thrown in a pool to learn how to swim + nearly drowning).

She helped me to unblock these memories and forgive +

feel safe again.

We even tapped into a past life as a pilot, who was trapped in a small plane under water, weird but feasible. I feel more understanding of problem + more control of feelings.

More calm and tolerant of reasons for problem.

Deeper appreciaciation of why we react to situations and looking forward to testing my mental powers when I fly next month on a small plane.

I wasn't sure at first exactly what it involved.

I have never experienced hypnotherapy before, so I was blind. But it really was amazing!

How Lydia can bring me back to past ages of being a child and teenager and adult, and experiencing situations that I pushed so far down, I forgot even happened.

I was very emotional during the sessions, going back to old feelings of hurt and pain, which really helped me release a lot of negative energy I was storing inside.

After I felt like a weight, had been lifted from me and

I am a lot more tolerant to people and situations that occur

in my life now.

Thank you Lydia so much!!

Your an angel....

I know now that hypnosis if properly conducted is contrary to some a very safe non-invasive technique that can help a person really resolve, reflect and understand problems that may have troubling them for years.

I think Lydia is an expert in her field.

From my first session I felt totally calm about the process she having explained everything clearly in advance.

She really feels with you.

Her empathy and insights are amazing.

Things that have been in the dark for many years are suddenly broken into the light and you see your fears for what they really are.

It is a challenging process but one that has real rewards. I highly recommend hypnotherapy and Lydia's warmth, compassion, empathy and humour will win you over instantly.

Give it a shot! You won't regret it!