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Students Comments:


Lydia Wilson's training was very comprehensive, covering all the tools & protocols required for hypnosis, including various types of inductions, suggestibility tests & deepening techniques.

What impressed me the most was how willing Lydia was to share her dearth of knowledge with all of us, giving us far more than just the standard required NGH teachings. She also taught us Past life Regression, Future Progression, Omega Therapy & many other wonderful tools. Additionally, we had many opportunities to practice on each other, ensuring that we were really capable of doing hypnotherapy successfully.

Lydia's style of teaching is engaging, authorative and encouraging. I have no hesitation in recommending her hypnotherapy training course to anyone who is seeking excellent training to become a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist.

Thank you so much Lydia! It was such a pleasure learning hypnotherapy from you.

Michele Cempaka, C.Ht, RM, TLC, BF, BPF - Bali, Indonesia


One of my friends recommended Lydia to me, I went to see her about one year ago. At once I was fascinated by her way to do her therapy. When I heard that she gives the opportunity to learn hypnosis-therapy, it took me half a second to make my decision.

The lessons were very intense and each second was stuffed with precious knowledge and stories about practical experiences. Lydia amazed me by her non-judgemental way of seeing her clients and seeing us as her students. She led us through the course with her profound knowledge, her sense of humour and her genuine concern. For me, she created a safe place of respect, honesty and trust, within we were invited to learn, heal and grow.

I am grateful that Icould expand my therapeutical skills by this inspiring technique.

Thank You Lydia

Beate Bushbaum - Austria


Lydia is a dynamic, compassionate woman with a dedication to healing her clients at every imaginable level. As a teacher, she is no different. Her humor, expertise and innovation made her a pleasure to study with. Her logical approach to abstract material and her willingness to delve into those area of the psyche which most are unfamiliar and uncomfortable with, are what set her apart from other teachers in her field. If you are looking to make genuine changes in your life, whether as a client or as her student, you have come to the right person. Unforgetable, life changing, and empowering do not even scratch the surface of what this experience was for me.

Katherine Rudman - MA, USA


The course ticked all the excellent boxes for myself. To enjoy and learn at the same time is very rewarding. Lydia has a gift as well as knowledge and wisdom. I need more :-)

Thank You

Heidi Birr - Bali, Indonesia


The word "Thank You" is just not enough for you. You've given what I'd never imagined before. Not just learning about Hypnotherapy technique, but more than that I also got more lessons about: How to understand my own problems, how to help others in solving their problems and learned to have empathy for others. I received many spiritual lessons from this training. I learned something new which was different from what I've ever thought. You really taught from the heart and treated me like your family. Concience to choose Mrs. Lydia as my hypnotherapy trainer was true. For the next step, I will practice what I've already got from this training. Really grateful for what you did for my brother, which made him realized what is the real meaning of happiness in this life. Respect and deeply thank you for you as a great trainer.

Noer Tjahya L - Surabaya, Indonesia


Really Amazing. I feel grateful for this class. She is a great teacher. I really learn how to be humble from her. What I respect about her is, she said that as she taught us, she learned from us as well. Wow wonderful "Teacher"

And the content of teaching, she is an expert.

Love all the process with her and all the classmate.

Peace and love always, Bless you

Caecilia çanti Nirlaksitarini - Bali, Indonesia


It's fascinating to see different reactions from different people while they're in hypnosis. The Subconscious mind is definitely powerful and can influence our daily lives, belief, cultures, behaviours...etc.
My mentor, Lydia is certainly an experienced teacher and practitioner. She gave in-depth details, discussions and real life cases and I was stunned!! It's a real fun and practical lesson that I've never had. Thanks Lydia, for your love and sharing.
Jenny M. Li - Hong Kong


Lydia is full of passion in helping others. I learned from her unjudgemental approach at the same time giving unconditional love to all the people around her. She is inspiring and humourous. We learn it easily and effectively.
I will recommend anybody who want to find out their life mission and looking for a change to attend this class.
Mabel Ng - Hong Kong


The most rewarding 2 weeks I've ever spent. Not only did I learn a skill that will last me a life time, I have also healed myself. Become a compassionate, loving and caring man. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.
Anthony Orr - Hong Kong


Lydia's enthusiasm is contageous, and her annectdotes really add depth and understanding to the material we studied. And in addition to everything else it was fun!

Benjamin Beardsley - Tokyo, Japan


I have learned hypnotherapy from many teachers in Japan, but Lydia's lessons were exceptionaly meaningful to me.

The session of forgiving and releasing your emotions from the deep in your subconciousness were very fascinating. I felt it was more like a healing from the spiritural level, which is more than just removing the pain in people's heart.

I felt great love in Lydia's way of thorough teaching and in how she seriously and emotionaly cares about her each and every students.

Currently, I am also practicing as much as possible, sharing what I have learned from Lydia to more than 1000 students who attend my classes every month. Thank you from deep in my heart to my dearest teacher, Lydia.

Satomi Ozaki - Osaka, Japan


It is a very fascinating course. It helped me change myself in life. Not only in my occupation as a therapist, but my life with my family, my marriage, my friends and everything else. I would strongly recommend people around me to take the course with Lydia, no matter for self improvement, or you want to help people or even just to know more about hypnosis, you won't regret it!

Jon Leung - Shanghai, China


I found the course very full, complete and interesting. I thought Lydia brought great knowledge and understanding to the group and her warmth and special personality made it very memorable. I felt life changing realizations which I feel I have already grown from and I know this knowledge will stay with me and help my continual growth. I am very grateful for the learning on this course and the skills I have learnt to help others in the future.

Ailsa Whitham - Shanghai, China


It is a very informative yet practical course. Intensive healing and inspiration along the training. The real case study sharing and practice is particularly useful. I enjoy it very much and I have no hesitation to recommend it to others.

Karen Chan - Shanghai, China


Excellent healing technique for the body, mind and spirit

Students got to do lots of healing on themselves and grow spiritually

Elsie Tsui - Shanghai, China



Lydia taught me something about me and all other people that I had never realized. The philosophical and spiritual understanding that I learned is simply astounding. I feel so much ready to face life and heal people around me with this new profound knowledge.

Binardy Tjuatja - Jakarta, Indonesia



Very powerful method, anyone should experienced it at least once in his/her life

Shalva Amos - Bali, Indonesia