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Transpersonal Healing

Transpersonal Healing is a healing method that takes the Body, Mind and Spirit Connection into account.

A lot of disease (dis-ease) in our body is created by our mind. Such as our negative attitudes and emotions towards ourselves and towards others.

Our human mind does have the tendency to think negative things.
Thinking is not a reality, but when we unconsciously let ourselves dwell in negative thinking, it becomes a reality

It is one of the rules of the mind:

Every thought has a physical response in the body

Think of biting into a juicy sour lemon now, what's happening in your mouth?

Close your eyes now and think of something you love doing, is there a reaction in your body? Where would this reaction be in your body?

If you need more convincing, you may try this interesting excercise:

Find a fairly heavy object that you can hold in your hand. Pick it up and feel the weight of it. Then think of something or someone that you don't like, let yourself dwell in this thought for at least 10 seconds and pick this heavy object up again and feel the weight of it. Do you feel the difference in weight? Now put it down and this time let your thought dwell in something or someone you love. Pick the object again, does it feel lighter? Did you find your body felt much weaker when you think negative thoughts?

Can you imagine what happen to our body when we let ourselves unconsciously dwell in negative thinking or carry grudges and resentments for a long period of time? Our body will become very weak; we'll feel the lack of energy, our immune system will get run down and we'll tend to get all sorts of illnesses.

A good question for us to ask ourselves is:

When I bear grudges, who suffers?

We tend to unconsciously think that those whom we bear grudges with will suffer, we hang on to our grudges, refusing to forgive them, thinking that those who have hurt us deserved to be punished

These refusal to forgive and to let go are usually caused by our hidden fears that if we forgive and let go, they will hurt us again. What we don't usually realize is that the thing that we fear the most has the tendency to happen again and again in our lives and when we forgive and let go, we are actually setting ourselves free.

Grudges eat us alive inside.
They make us feel tired, weak, depressed, bitter and filled with anger.

We easily get angry over insignificant matters; we blame others for our sufferings.
We wonder why our brain does not produce enough serotonin, the hormon that our body need to keep us happy; why we get stomach ulcers; why we suffer from aches and pains or other illnesses
and so on.

Our body speaks our Mind
Once we realize that the answer lies within us, in our attitude and emotions. We will want to learn to let it go.

On the Spiritual Note

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

What is Love?

And have you ever tried to answer it?

Did you find that you came up with a long list of answers to the question?

Did you feel that all the answers you can come up with were still not a complete description of what Love is?

In our spiritual journey, the lessons that we learn maybe different, yet they are all the same. The lesson is always for us to know Love, the so many different aspects or feelings of Love

We learn love through experiencing and knowing the opposite of Love, which is Fear.

All negative feelings such as anger, hurt, guilt, hate, apathy, jealousy, sadness, are based on Fear.

On some aspects of Love, we learn them through

True Forgiveness

In order to truly forgive someone, we must also truly understand what made them do what they did.

Once we understand this, we will realize that we are all doing our best in the way we know how. Once we realize this, we will also know that there is actually nothing to forgive.

In our Spiritual Journey, our Job is not to punish the person for what they did to us, our job is to understand what made someone do what he/she did, to forgive and to let go.

Each of us is responsible for our own choices and actions.

The law of "Karma" or "what you sow you reap" applies to us all.

We can climb the highest mountain or we can travel the world looking for gurus to teach us Love or to give us a state of peaceful mind, but as long as we still carry grudges in our hearts, we  will never be free of our sufferings.